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Please Note: all our products are consistent in quality with the childcare cot products we have been manufacturing for
40 years. 

(Repeat orders account for 80% of sheet and children cot sales.)

Because we are the manufacturer, you save up to 50% by buying direct.

A few unsolicited comments...

How do you do it? I’ve been paying 3x as much for daycare cots that
aren’t as good as yours!
Billie M.- FL.

Love your cots! Cots are so light, people don’t hurt
their back picking them up.
I’ve worked in a daycare with plastic leg cots, couldn’t pick up more than 3 at a time. They were so heavy and the
plastic legs were constantly breaking!

A.E.- AL.

We have a number of rooms for napping and several different style nursery cots. Our help draws lots to see who gets to use your
lightweight Spacemaker nursery cots. (note they were
purchased in 1988)
Robin N. – IL.

Your childcare cots are great- I had mine for 17 years,
but they got bleached out.

So I decided to get new ones.
D.S. – Louisville KY

I have been a daycare director for 20 yrs.
The daycare cots you produce are an outstanding
The center has been using the 1st set daycare cots for 1 yr. now. They are
in great shape. Please rush me
12 more daycare cots!
M.H. - OH.

I bought 25 Spacemaker Childcare Cots 5 years ago
and I have replaced 2 covers. These childcare cots look great.
At the
same time I bought 25 hard plastic corner childcare cots and have had to replace every one of them!

Mary T.- FL.

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